Social-Ecological Change

Sustainability and social-ecological Change

According to our starting point, global challenges and crisis phenomena require a profound transformation in the technological, social and individual areas in order to support sustainable development. Transformation is understood to mean the worldwide change of economy and society towards sustainability (WBGU 2011).

This transformation includes technological innovations ("technological fix") as well as diverse social innovations and new welfare and economic concepts. Global economic cycles should be changed in such a way that planetary boundaries are respected and the crossing of tipping points and the resulting irreversible damage can be avoided (e.g. when the 2°C target is exceeded). In the case of change that is considered necessary and urgent, various blockades and path dependencies must be overcome and the transition accelerated. In addition to the theoretical treatment of the topic, concrete applications and projects that are supported by the TRAWOS-Institute are needed.

The TRAWOS-Institute is involved in this thematic area, for example by participating in regional projects on structural change in Lusatia or regional climate protection (see also social innovations). TRAWOS members accompany and coach regional companies (e.g. in the Energy Efficiency Network Upper Lusatia) and work on concrete projects (e.g. sustainability assessments of products, environmental management strategies, etc.). In addition, events are designed and carried out together with other partners to accompany and, as far as possible, promote social innovation and transformation in the region. Furthermore, the institute's staff is involved in theoretical work and publication projects in the field of sustainability and innovation.