Gender Equality and Gender Research

Gender Equality and Gender Research – Woman in rural Areas

Against the background of the demographic, economic and cultural situation in rural regions, the focus on the social situation of women is central. This group is relevant in view of the demographic developments in the region since the 1990s (strong outward migration, only low inward migration), both directly and with regard to fertility development in the coming decades.

In addition, the group of young qualified women represents an essential carrier group of the present and future economic (skilled workers), political, social and cultural development potentials in rural areas.

In order to support the group, of young women already living in the regions, but also of potential female immigrants, in their visibility, self-organisation and promotion by economic and political-administrative actors, the TRAWOS-Institute offers research services. In addition, we develop events and procedural measures (tool kits) to address women as knowledge carriers and to transfer them into established structures, as well as to increase their visibility in the long term.

On the basis of the study: Wer kommt? Wer geht? Wer bleibt? (2016) and the recommendations for action, the format ProduzentinnenTOUR was developed and launched under the claim F wie Kraft – Frauen. Leben. Oberlausitz., a symposium was held and a website developed.